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Our Mobile Services

Our Mobile Services

Currently Auckland Area Only

Mobile hospital grade disinfection

Our mobile services allow us to bring our
technology to you at an affordable rate

Private Residential Homes Patients returning home with low immunity, COVID 19 Recovery, kill dust mites, pet odours, or sanitising for all known microbes

Motor Vehicles For people concerned they may have had a COVID 19 passenger

Hotels and Motels Ensuring guests that their room is 100% COVID 19 free as well as all other harmful microbes

Hospitals Under one hour turnaround for waiting rooms, operating theatres, ICUs, terminal cleaning of isolation rooms or post discharge with known organism of concern

Workplaces Sanitise restaurants, Office areas, Doctors waiting rooms

Buses and Public Transport 15 minutes to 100% sanitise a bus

Care Homes Mitigate the spread of any outbreaks e.g. norovirus, multi drug resistant organism spread, terminal cleaning prior to next resident

Vehicle renting and Dealerships Reassuring renters and buyers that the van, motor home or car has been sanitised against all known microbes

Environmental Room Sanitation

If you need complete sanitisation and HLD for your space, we will bring our Altapure AP4 sterilant fogging machine and disinfect the area in under one hour per room.

The Sanipure total HLD (High Level Disinfection) sanitisation fogging process penetrates

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N95 Face-Mask HLD Reprocessing

If your organisation is using hundreds of face-masks per day or any PPE (Personal, Protective, Equipment), our service will include collection, sterilisation to approved medical standards and delivery.

This PPE can be totally processed again including N95 masks have been shown to have no reduction in efficacy after 50 reprocesses. This saves N95 supply issue’s is environmentally friendly and has considerable cost savings compared to new purchases each time.

Your staff and budget holder should both be equally assured.
Most PPE protocols including N95 mask use are based on potential future availability and cost, not on what is clearly required for safety to mitigate risks.

Mobile High-Level Disinfection

The Altapure PC-RED is an easy to deploy portable compact unit that has been developed for Rapid Environmental Disinfection. It has a rugged case that can go anywhere, providing the same high level disinfection performance as our flagship AP-4 used in healthcare around the world.

The Altapure PC-RED mobile service is ideal for:

• First responder vehicles
• Buses / public transport
• Taxis / vans
• Car Dealerships
• Fire Stations
• Classrooms
• Dental & Medical Rooms
• Any sealable space

HLD fogging

Our machines touch and penetrate every surface including soft furnishings (curtains, carpet) including air ducting if required

Clean process

Our technology makes all surfaces totally hygienic with no toxic residues

Quick Process

Only 40 minutes per room including ensuite

Mask Reprocessing

You can quickly reprocess your N95 and KN95, better for the environment and your wallet.

“We wanted you to know that your efforts have offered comfort for not only staff and residents, but for families of residents who have been unable to visit their loved ones in person but have been buoyed by the knowledge they are being well looked after.”

– Phil Mealings, Ryman Healthcare