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Hotel and Residential Care
Air & Surface Hygiene Solutions

Total environmental surface and air hygiene

The most important thing as a Hotel owner or Residential Care company is protecting your staff, customers and reputation. Travellers and residents need a safe, hygienic and virus free stay.

Cleaning is important, but hygiene is different – and critical to your business. Cleanliness is visual. Hygiene stops the spread of infection.

Rapidly get your space de-contaminated
Safe sterilant for all soft furnishings and electronics
100% effective total environmental decontamination

Common touch areas are often easy disease transmission risk sites including light switches, remote controls, faucet handles, cupboard and drawer handles or a bedspread or duvet cannot be cleaned by wiping and can serve as a direct close transmission contact from a previous guest.

Improve air quality & reduce the spread of infections

The Oransi mod HEPA Air Purifiers are perfect for large home living areas, offices, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, waiting rooms and any other space that requires portable air cleaning.

These small, affordable units constantly filter the room’s air, using medical grade HEPA filters to remove 99.9% of all particles.

The Oransi Air Purifiers constantly filter out all viruses and bacteria to reduce the spread of airborne infections, and also filter out allergens causing asthma and allergies (e.g. dust mites, pollen, pet dander, spores, smoke).

An additional activated carbon filter greatly reduces odours and volatile organic compounds (e.g. formaldehyde, ozones, etc)

Our Oransi Air Purifiers are perfect for all environments

Our Oransi Air Purifiers are perfect for all environments





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Our mobile services

Our mobile services allow us to bring our technology to you at an affordable rate.

The Sanipure total HLD (High Level Disinfection) sanitisation fogging process penetrates and sanitises all soft furnishings including carpets, curtains, lounge coverings without leaving any harmful toxic residues. It is safe for electronic equipment which

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Our high level green disinfection machines are ideal for

First responder vehicles

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Fire Stations

Medical Tents

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Dental & Medical Rooms

Any sealable space