Altapure AP-4™

Medical Grade High-Level Disinfection Machine

The Altapure AP-4™ is a new generation multi-patented
fogging device that uses FDA and EPA approved chemistry
clean green sterilant for all microbial classes that leaves no
toxic residues.

Ideal for 100% effective air and all surface decontamination.

It is for use in all healthcare environmental situations that may have or are known to have been contaminated by any/all microbial classes or forms of microbes of significant potential concern.

• COVID-19
• Respiratory viruses
• Norovirus
• Multi antibiotic resistant bacteria

The Altapure AP-4™ is also available to hire as a mobile service (Auckland area only).

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A new generation multi - patented fogging device

How it works

Altapure’s patented ultrasonic platform produces the dispersal of a dense cloud of sub-micron droplets of antibacterial and sporicidal agents for multiple anti-microbial sanitation applications.

It accomplishes this by using the latest generation, high penetration micro-particle (0.69 micron) fogging of two very low concentration oxidising sterilants with a remarkably effective symbiotic action against all known microbes (US military use for bioterrorism decontamination).

  • Remote Operation

    The AP-4 ™ is remotely operated using a small and lightweight, hand held "Control Tablet" that is touch screen activated. It communicates via bluetooth means with one or more AP-4 ™ machines and ancillary devices.
    The bluetoothControl Tablet is approved for use in all medical, industrial,
    and scientific environments.

    Remote operation allows the AP-4 ™ to be operated and monitored from outside of the treated space, eliminating the interaction between your staff and the high-level disinfection process.

    The tablet records each of the 4 processes for each specified room for audit and integrity of process

  • Rapid room turnover

    Altapure’s treatment process is rapid, providing room turnovers
    in under 50 minutes (Exit to Entry) for a common patient room.

    Altapure’s process delivers a complete kill of viruses, bacteria, and bacterial spores, in less than 10 minutes of exposure. Treated surfaces have been clinically proven to show “no growth” for bacterial spores, vegetative bacteria, and viruses meeting 6log10 sterilisation levels

    Safe for electronics and non bleaching for soft furnishings, carpets, curtains.

  • Efficient and residue free

    Only one housing contains: Aerosol generator and Vapor removal system.

    “Extremely thin film” deposition with sub-micron droplet performance leaving no residue. Avg. Particle size = 0.69 µm.

    Programmable for special agents and disinfection applications.

    Powered from a single common electrical outlet.

  • Ease of Use

    The AP-4 ™ is a fully automated “one touch deploy ™” technology. The single compact unit, includes an effective vapor removal system that is built into the same housing as the aerosol generator, and is easily transported and setup by only one individual.

    It operates with a unique “closed loop control” of the entire treatment process, including use of one or more of Altapure’s patented HVAC vent control and cover system.

    These advanced features guarantee a fully validated, safe
    and efficacious process.

“Please know that your actions have helped to protect thousands of residents who, because of their age, are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19. We wanted you to know that your efforts have offered comfort for not only staff and residents, but for families of residents who have been unable to visit their loved ones in person but have been buoyed by the knowledge they are being well looked after..”

– – Phil Mealings, Head Of Procurement, Ryman Healthcare

Altapure PC-RED

Mobile High-Level Disinfection Unit

The Altapure PC-RED is an easy to deploy portable compact unit that has been developed for Rapid Environmental Disinfection.

Its rugged case means that it can go anywhere, providing the same high level disinfection performance as our flagship AP-4 used in healthcare around the world, but in a much more portable machine.

The Altapure PC-RED is also available to hire as a mobile service (Auckland area only).

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Watch Altapure PC-RED in Action

Altapure PC-RED Key features

  • Total space high level disinfection
  • Rugged and durable construction
  • Rapid kill and elimination of spores, bacteria, and viruses to 6 Log10 sterilisation level
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to manoeuvre
  • Sub-micron aerosol: gas like performance with 3D coverage
  • Safe for all electronics and equipment
  • Food safe, non-toxic and biodegradable – no residue chemistry
  • Compatible with all Altapure Accessories
  • HVAC control system
  • Scrubber Buddy
  • First responder vehicles

  • Buses / Public Transport

  • Fire Stations

  • Medical Tents

  • Vehicle Rentals / Dealerships

  • Classrooms

  • Dental & Medical Rooms

  • Any sealable space

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