Our Story

Sanipure was formed when Paul Archibald and Ben Harris joined forces in believing that they could make a difference in patient and resident safety both in the medical and care home industries at least.

Paul has been involved in international business and has taken the last part of his life to focus on his children but is now in a position to do something worthwhile in this world. Ben has worked as a medical microbiology scientist for over 40 years in hospitals, the community, and rest homes and sees the reality of these emerging infections and is driven to have procedures that are proven to be totally effective in helping combat these.

From these two different backgrounds, a synergistic vision has been created to deliver the very best safety net that is available for significantly helping to combat the realities of these emerging major challenges.

✔ 40 years experience in medical microbiology

✔ 100% NZ Owned & Operated

✔ NZ Based Support Team

  • Ben Harris

    Medical Microbiology Scientist NZ
    Infection Prevention & Control
  • Paul Archibald

    Chief of Operations